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This week, I managed to get in to explore one of the world's greatest cities. Here is what I found:
  1. Chaos
    I came close to losing my life at least half a dozen times on the road. I'm surprised there hasn't been any Egyptian F1 drivers yet, because everyone generally drives like it's the last day in earth. No one seems to have learned about this concept called 'defensive driving'!
  2. Hospitality
    The Uber drivers were some of the friendliest I have met. At least 2 of them wanted to show off their musical collection of arabic edm so earnestly. Folks I met on the street were also incredibly warm and friendly, though perhaps cultural differences held a few back (on my part too).
  3. Tenacity
    Cairo suffers from the lack of a decent citizen oriented city infrastructure, so unfortunately in most parts of the city center, there are no traffic lights, crossings, overhead bridges, public toilets etc. The locals find a way, even if it means bashing and climbing through a fence to cross a 4 lane road.
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Stayed here for the weekend. The 5 things I managed to see:
  1. CN Tower
    View from the top of Canada
  2. Toronto island
    Take the ferry at $7.50 (includes return) to Central island, the most popular of the 3 routes. Access the fairgrounds, petting zoo and the beach area.
  3. Chinatown
    Hundreds of eateries, with all the options you can stomach.
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