Allow me to 💥Listroduce💥 myself

seems like this is what you do around here
  1. I am KitKat.
    My real name is Kata actually. Local version of Kate.
  2. My favourite chocolate bar is a KitKat.
    I ate this particular one last June.
  3. I'm from Hungary.
    Look it up. Hint: it's in Europe.
  4. I am working as a cost planning / budgeting analyst.
    And I love it 'cause I'm a nerd, big time.
  5. When I'm not nerding, I'm musicing.
    This is my boyfriend and our blues-country duo is called Blues Willis.
  6. We both love Bruce Willis.
    Guys, this is a solid base for a relationship, believe me.
  7. Came to because a) I love lists b) I love @bjnovak and well c) I love @mindy
    She is currently my imaginary best friend and role model. Maybe I'll be my own role model in due time though.
  8. That's probably it!