Texan stereotypes I tried during business trips

and mostly enjoyed them!
  1. Went to the Houston Rodeo
    It was awesome!!!
  2. Ate fried food with fried food
    Yay for crawfish and jalapenos
  3. Used 'y'all' in a sentence
    Been using it ever since whenever I can because it's easier than 'you guys'
  4. Got used to being called ma'am
    Weird at first being under 30 but now I find it cute
  5. Drank sweetened iced tea
    Too much ice tho
  6. Used a car for a trip that would have been a 10 minute walk
    Would never do that at home but in Texas sidewalks freakin' end whenever
  7. Took a ride in a huge SUV
    Megalomaniac much? A Prius takes you anywhere too you know