and mostly enjoyed them!
  1. Went to the Houston Rodeo
    It was awesome!!!
  2. Ate fried food with fried food
    Yay for crawfish and jalapenos
  3. Used 'y'all' in a sentence
    Been using it ever since whenever I can because it's easier than 'you guys'
  4. Got used to being called ma'am
    Weird at first being under 30 but now I find it cute
  5. Drank sweetened iced tea
    Too much ice tho
  6. Used a car for a trip that would have been a 10 minute walk
    Would never do that at home but in Texas sidewalks freakin' end whenever
  7. Took a ride in a huge SUV
    Megalomaniac much? A Prius takes you anywhere too you know