Awkward Situations at Work Today

  1. Walking down a long hallway and someone is walking toward you for what seems like forever!
    Do you make eye contact with them when you first see them and then stare at each other the whole way? Do you pretend you don't see them until the last minute and then all of the sudden be like "oh heyyyyyy, Jim! How are you?" Or be a jerk and ignore them the whole time? Or turnaround and act you you left something somewhere?
  2. Waiting for someone in the break room to finish using the microwave. 😒
    They take their food out and you think they're done and move to put your craptastic TV dinner in and then BAM! They were just doing the midway stir and need another minute.
  3. Pretending you don't hear your cube neighbor totally rocking out to Snow's "Informer" on their headphones.... 😳
  4. ...because your music is SO much better, as is evidenced when you accidentally belt out a line from "The Groove Line" out loud while listening to it on your headphones.
  5. Realizing you just called your boss "bro" during small talk before a meeting. 😣