1. This list may not mean too much to those of you who don't know me, but today I did something that I feel kind of describes my whole life.
  2. I accidentally joined a senior citizen gym.
  3. And I loved it!
  4. When I was touring it this morning, I noticed a lot of old people but I just figured that's because it was just a little before 8 so all of the people with jobs were gone and all of the Mamas with small kids hadn't made it in yet.
  5. I loved the gym and the staff, and my two year old made all of the old people so happy.
  6. I sat down to fill out my membership papers when this super cute, very fit, Zumba instructor in her late 50's/early 60's breezed in and ask me to join her class starting in 10 minutes. I told her I'd be a minute of two late but I'd be there.
  7. I finished my paper work and took Finn up to child watch.
  8. He was the only child there 😂
  9. I put my things away and raced to the Zumba class, 10 minutes late.
  10. I walked in, and the entire room was FILLED with people 60 all the way to (I swear) 90!
  11. They all burst into applause for me! ❤️
  12. It was SO FUN to be in a room full of old people doing risqué dance moves while singing in sweet soprano "I know you want me, you know I want cha."
  13. Also a song that went "I'm Sheila E, I have the best body."
  14. I wanted to videotape it so bad but didn't want to seem like I was making fun of everyone because I was literally having the BEST time.
  15. Maybe once I know everyone better.
  16. As I was leaving, one of the staff said, "It's so fun to have a young person here! This is kind of like McDonalds, all the old people hang out here." 😂😂😂
  17. I am stupid happy.
  18. Static