1. When people complain about living in Hawaii.
    I hear it all the time here and it honestly baffles me.
  2. When people care which way the toilet paper roll goes.
    It's weird to have anything other than a passing preference- if that.
  3. When people walk their small dogs in strollers.
    They're DOGS.
  4. When people think they aren't feminists.
    You are. Unless you are an awful person, you are a feminist. You just don't know what it actually means.
  5. When people have strong opinions about something that they have never researched themselves.
    Vaccines, baby wearing, birthing options, essential oils, presidential candidates, religions, you name it.
  6. People who use the term "Super Mom" like its a medal.
    It's actually demoralizing. We're all doing our best, y'all. It makes me uncomfortable when people use this term because it applies to me when I'm at my BEST or accomplishing things at an unsustainable rate. Realistic expectations for Mamas, y'all.
  7. When fathers get praised for doing the same thing that their wife does every damn day.
    "Three kids grocery shopping alone?? Oh my goodness! I faint."
  8. Donald Trump.
    Just saying.
  9. People who say they're OCD when what they mean to say is that they're controlling and want to control you.
    When someone uses incorrect grammar or doesn't make a presentation the way you would and it bothers you late at night, you don't have OCD, you have control issues.
  10. When husbands are referred to as another child.
    "I have three kids and a husband... So four kids." Oh my God, Debbie, you're so effing hilarious and original! Why didn't I think of that joke??? Oh right, because my husband is a grown ass man and I value and respect him as a lead member of Team Murray. I also assume that women who make jokes like this one don't like sex and are controlling. I pity their husbands.