Candy @mbmurray23 Brought Back From South Korea

  1. Premium Whole Almond Candy
    Hard candy. Kind of like caramel with an almond pressed in it.
  2. Milk and Mint
    It really does taste like a mint surrounded by milk. I don't know why but I liked this one best of the hard candies.
  3. ? I don't know what it's called but it's 7% something and 12% something else!
    Tastes like a hard candy version of grape juice, maybe?
  4. Scotch Trio Candy
    No alcohol, he asked. Apparently the scotch trio is banana, werthers, and coffee.
  5. Jeju tangerine harabang chocolate
    Harabang is a guardian statue built around in jejudo as a symbol of protection against evil spirits.
  6. Strawberry chocolate
    Tastes like you would think.
  7. Banana Chocolate
    Just as gross as you would imagine.
  8. Black Sesame Chocolate
    Actually pretty good. It has a nutty flavor to it. Surprisingly, I like the white chocolate side best.
  9. Another jeju tangerine chocolate. By far my favorite even though I'm not a fruit in chocolate kind of girl.
  10. Chestnut chocolate
    Tastes kind of like coffee chocolate.