I'm going to Maryland in January to be with my best friend on the occasion of her last chemo treatment. Because I live in Hawaii and I've lost nearly 50 lbs since the last time I was on the Mainland, I needed to buy a new mini wardrobe. Here's what I got.
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    I decided to stick with a black/gray/white color scheme to make it easy to mix and match. I happen to love black and brown together but for those of you who don't, pardon the boots.
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    Black wrap dress
    I can dress this up or down depending on the day. I'm a dress kind of girl so I'll probably wear this 2-3 times.
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    Skinny jeans
    Of course
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    Boyfriend jeans
    😍so easy.
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    Grey sweater
    So soft! I love clothes that are comfy and sexy at the same time.
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    White v neck sweater
    Goes with anything
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    Black long sleeve shirt.
    Couldn't find the one I ordered. Mine is more of a boat neck
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    White puffy vest
    @classyAF would it look weird if I wore this with the black dress and the brown boots as a casual look? I need you.
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    Gray peacoat
    I haven't worn a coat in 3 years!
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    Gray cardigan
    Boring but necessary
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    Black booties
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    Brown boots
    A little darker than I normally like but they were on sale and they match the gorgeous leather Noon Day purse I'm bringing.
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    Simple jewelry
    Aside from my wedding rings, this is probably all I'll take.
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    Grey lularoe leggings to wear instead of tights. I think I'll be too cold for tights- I've grown so used to the tropical weather!
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    Touchscreen gloves. In black.
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    To help make up for the fact that I don't have hair to keep me warm.
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    For a pop of color and to snuggle with on the extremely long flights.
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    For a pop of color, this lularoe pencil skirt.
    The elephants! 😍
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    Brown leather purse
    But because it's made from untanned goat leather, mine is much darker with age. I love it! If y'all haven't heard of Noonday you should check them out.
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    Normally I like fun and bright colors and patterns, so concentrating on building an interchangeable wardrobe was a challenge for me but I think I did well! 💜