@mbmurray23 and I have been working so hard to get rid of unnecessary things in our home and make it welcoming and inviting from the moment you walk in. We are definitely not minimalists, but in our own terms, we want to have less of our time owned by taking care of things and more spent together. Here is our downstairs:
  1. Play room, view 1
  2. Playroom, view 2
    This is also where our sole TV resides.
  3. Playroom, view 3
  4. Playroom art closeup
  5. Odd nook when you first walk in
  6. Living room
    My mom made that blanket on the wall in the 70's. It's my favorite Christmas decoration.
  7. Game cabinet
  8. Today my two year called the tree topper a "Jesus butterfly." 😍
  9. Matt hard at work
  10. Desk/office area
  11. Kitchen, view 1
  12. Kitchen, view 2
  13. Uncluttered shelf
  14. Probably the part we worked hardest on, though without a before photo you may not be able to tell. This is our everything room. Where we keep emergency food, water, candles etc for hurricanes. Where art supplies and playdoh are kept. Where diapers, beach supplies, first aid, medication, extra kitchen appliances, batteries, puzzles... you get it.
    It's so freaking organized.
  15. I feel good and lighter and happier and less anxious. Letting go of things really affects me. So does holding on to things but I don't always realize that until after I've been a major bitch. 😈