Inspired by @justjills
  1. How much, and whom, to tip.
    To compensate, I over tip anyone that I know for sure I'm supposed to.
  2. What to wear and when.
    Formal, business casual, casual, beach bum? I don't know. Living in Hawaii has really spoiled me. It's an entire state that feels exactly the same way that I do about dressing.
  3. When to correct other peoples children.
    I am a firm believer in a village raising a child. I am grateful when other adults correct and encourage my children. Especially strangers. As long as it's done in love. In turn, I correct others children lovingly. Some people do not like this and have taken stranger danger to insane level, raising a generation of children who do not respect authority or respond to it.
  4. How to oppose political leaders with respect.
    Specifically, President Trump. I believe that he is truly inept for his position and would like nothing more than for him to resign. However, it feels that as a Christian, I am not allowed to say this or Romans 13:1 will be thrown in my face. I do have respect for the position of president, but not for the one who holds that office. It's a hard one.
  5. How to give myself the same grace I extend to others.
    I am learning this one, but it's hard. I'm a person and I need to allow myself to have negative feelings and bad days
  6. Fidget spinners.
    I don't get it.