1. I never understood this game.
  2. You have to choose one person that you would like to have sex with, one person you would (like to?) kill, and one person you would like to marry.
  3. ?
  4. What happens to the person after you have sex with them? Do they go away?
    Like, you don't even get to text after? It's just a one time deal?
  5. And what about the person you kill? Like, that's very impactful. Can't you just let them off with a warning? Is it guaranteed that you won't be caught and or punished? Is the person you marry a shrink?
    I'm going to need a shrink after I commit murder.
  6. Also, this person that you marry- can you not have sex with them? What's the point of getting married?
    And how low are their standards if they're marrying you even though you literally JUST slept with someone else while plotting and executing a murder?
  7. I can't with this game.
  8. That being said: Marry Will Smith, sleep with Will Smith, kill Jada Pickett Smith.
  9. Giphy
  10. Sorry, Jada.