Favorite Hawaiian Foods

Hawaii is a foodie haven! Thanks for the suggestion @minhal
  1. Fish Tacos from North Shore Fish Taco Truck
    Omg. I can't even. I have eaten here so many times and I cry EVERY. TIME. They put this creamy sauce on their tacos that I can't replicate and it is everything.
  2. Garlic Shrimp
    It's so easy to make, but it's blow your mind amazing. You can get this almost anywhere on the island, but Giovanni's shrimp truck is the 💣
  3. Mama Miya chocolate cake from the Alley
    There is this weird secret on the island about this AMAZING fresh cake from a bowling alley. I didn't believe it at first either, but this cake will blow your effing mind.
  4. The dumpling of the day at Koko Head Cafe
    Whatever it is, get it.
  5. Loco Moco
    It is the weirdest combinations of food, but it is so delicious. You can get this literally anywhere on the island.
  6. Spam masubi
    I can't bring myself to try spam, but this is a local staple. You can get it in gas stations, restaurants, the zoo... Anywhere. My kids go crazy over it. No Hawaiian food list would be complete without at least an honorable mention.