Foods I Have Recently Cooked

I am an unabashed food picture taker. You can't change me, and I don't understand you if you'd want to.
  1. Breakfast! I have some variation of this every day. All of the colors first thing in the morning make for a happier day. 😍
  2. Salmon, roasted butternut squash and cast iron skillet Brussel sprouts.
  3. Another perfect breakfast!
  4. A favorite quick lunch
  5. Quinoa, cast iron skillet chicken, steamed broccoli and cheese. So simple, so delicious.
  6. Another quick and easy lunch
  7. When the craving for a burger can't be quenched, eat a freaking burger.
  8. Actually, this is a salad that my 6 year old made me. And it was the bomb.
  9. Hope this list inspired you to eat a lot of fun and colorful food! 😘