1. Birth to age four or so you're pretty much just being adored 24/7. You're a little shit but you're so cute that everyone still laughs when you're bad. The world is new and exciting.
  2. Ages five to nine you are so fun! You're learning a lot, still pretty socially unaware, but you know how to follow rules and you don't need to test boundaries too much. Firmly in "kid" territory, which is awesome!
  3. Ages ten to twelve you are getting ever closer to your teenage years. You're maybe a little moody at times. You go back and forth between being a kid who is blissfully unaware of the rest of the world and a pre-teen that is very concerned with the world and what it thinks of you.
  4. Ages thirteen to fifteen you feel like a spotlight is on you at all times. You feel hyper sexualized as a girl, though you may not know that term or what it means. Grown men are starting to look at your body. You feel that your parents don't understand you. You change emotions quickly. You want to be like your peers, fitting in is paramount.
  5. Ages sixteen to eighteen you want to make a name for yourself. You still want to fit in, but you want to be different. You want to be known. Most likely, you think about being famous. You start to understand your sexuality. It's both scary and empowering. You question everything.
  6. Ages eighteen to twenty one you feel stuck between your teenage self and your adult self. Both are needed in college. You have so much energy but you don't realize how much until later. You feel indestructible but probably a little piece of you isn't sure how long you're going to live because you can not imagine yourself as a forty year old.
  7. Ages twenty one to twenty five you are figuring out who you are. Chances are you have been in at least one long term relationship and it revealed some unsavory aspects of your own personality that you hopefully work to improve. In your quest to figure out who you are, you realize more who you are *not*. You are very passionate in your opinions.
  8. Ages twenty five to thirty you realize a lot of the things you were so opinionated about in your early twenties, you now feel the opposite about, but not as strongly. You see more grey in the world and less black and white. You realize the depths of the brokenness of the planet and you hope to change it. You make more of an effort with politics.
  9. Ages thirty to thirty five you start seeing a lot of changes in your self. You realize that you are not indestructible and you do wrinkle. You may have children and you think about their future a lot. You realize that though your 18 old self may disagree, you are still young, and you grasp at what life has to offer. You are more you than ever.