How to Have the Perfect Day on Oahu

I am so very lucky to get to call Hawaii my home for the next few years. It's so easy to have a great day here, but today was one of the best.
  1. First, hire a babysitter to watch your precious terrors.
  2. Second, grab your awesome little sister and RUN AWAY!
  3. Third, go to the Koko Head Cafe. Eat as many things from the menu as possible.
    I may or may not have teared up after the first bite of those kimchi dumplings
  4. Fourth, go somewhere that is difficult to visit with children.
    This is the spitting caves. It is truly magical!
  5. Fifth, go make sure you get a Nutella and chocolate milkshake.
  6. Sixth, embarrass teenagers whenever possible. Like this sweet boy who I requested pose with a bucket of Nutella. Did you know they make those?
    Must have.
  7. Seventh, eat in peace again. This time at Marukame Udon, where you will get the freshest and cheapest udon on the island.
  8. Eighth, now that you are stuffed, waddle down to the beach to sit and enjoy the sunset with your beautiful sister.
  9. Ninth, and I can not stress this enough- take the time to enjoy all of the little things that you see all day.
  10. Tenth, come home to a clean house, happy and bathed kids, and take the time to love on them and tell them how much you missed them. Play a game and send those sweet little monsters off to bed
  11. ❤️
  12. 💜
  13. Take a luxurious bubble bath with a great book, and then get in bed by 9. The old grey mare ain't what she used to be y'all.