1. She isn't afraid to experience new things by herself.
    She'll just be gone for 13 hours one day and come home with stories and pictures to share about her day. Girlfriend gets things done, too. She left no rock unturned on this island.
  2. She doesn't mind company on some of her adventures.
    Going to the big island, hikes, swimming in open water for long periods of time, climbing around on ancient rock walls... if you'll ask, she'll happily let you join in.
  3. She's flexible.
    This is so key in a house guest. She had plans and goals but she asked how best to make those things work together and when would be best to accomplish them. She takes advice, too, which is so nice.
  4. She's grateful.
    She appreciated even the things that weren't that big of a deal, like when I cooked dinner. She thought it was a big deal when we shared our cars, (it wasn't.) And she appreciated this island which is super important to me.
  5. She's kind to my kids.
    Major big deal. If people aren't kind to my children I find it extremely hard to be kind to them.
  6. She's really, really funny.
    And therefore fun to be with.
  7. She's always down for taking pictures.
    And she takes really good ones. We're in it for the pictures.
  8. She knows her limits.
    A lot of times guests will come and push themselves super hard to do and see everything and then they're grumpy. She knew when to call it quits and have an early night.
  9. And many, many more. I hope you visit us wherever the Army sends us in the future, Jill, but until then we'll always have Hawaii.
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