1. There are three major craters on Oahu, though there are many small craters, including the one that my neighborhood is built in.
  2. Koko head is one of the big three and a popular hike. It's strenuous but it's short. Only one mile to the top, but my Fitbit registered 85 flights of stairs.
  3. The railroad ties that make up the stairs for the trail were once part of an incline tram system during World War II, which was used to haul military personnel and supplies to the top of Koko Crater.
  4. The "stairs" are very old and uneven.
  5. Starting the hike before 5:30 AM ensures that you will get to see an amazing sunrise.
  6. I love when the trail starts to lighten up and change colors.
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  13. I look all over the island for these breast cancer grafittis so that I can send them to my best friend.
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  15. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday morning. I was even back home before everyone was awake!