In honor of Charlotte Jane Murray. DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU CAN HANDLE GROSS WOUND PICTURES. They are at the end.
  1. I have this strong willed, difficult, wonderful child. Her name is Charlotte. She also answers to Charley, Charley Cat, Sweetie-Sweetie, Little Bit, Nugget, and Child.
  2. She gets hurt a lot. She is constantly covered in bruises, scars, scrapes, etc. this past 4th of July she fell off the bleachers and tore a chunk out of her inner thigh and had to have it stapled together. She's inherited her Mama's long legs and a big feet, as well as my energy, so she's basically a waking disaster. More on that later...
  3. She has a penchant for partying until she drops, so we often find her passed out anywhere but in her bed
    For further collections, check out @mbmurray23 's list on the subject. TIMES I'VE FOUND MY DAUGHTER SLEEPING THAT'S RESEMBLED A CRIME SCENE
  4. She is a fierce protector of her little brother, Finn, and she is guarded vigilantly by her older brother, Jack. I'm in love with their separate relationships and try to remember that when they are actively trying to kill each other.
  5. She acts like she is famous. Her ego is yuuuuuge. Sometimes I worry about her turning out like Donald Trump so I work hard to keep her ego in check without tearing her down. It's a harder balance than you would imagine.
  6. She thinks she can do anything. And for the most part, she can.
  7. She is fierce.
  8. She is sweet.
  9. She is fun.
  10. She is sassy.
  11. She has a style all her own.
  12. She is confident.
  13. And she gets hurt all the time.
    Us in the ER.
  14. Yesterday she fell out of our enclosed trampoline, which one of the kids must not have zipped down all of the way. She fell straight back into the back of her head, which was punctured by the rain spout.
    Here comes the gross pictures.
  15. There was so much blood.
  16. The EMT's came and were amazing.
  17. We took her to a fantastic local hospital, and they gave her staples.
  18. This is what it looked like, cleaned out, before staples.
  19. These is what is looked like after
  20. This is what she looks like this morning.
  21. She's literally the best.
  22. Bonus: here's a picture she drew of herself with a fairy wand and staples in her head.