1. I have always struggled to keep a clean house. Part of this is because of clutter. I like pretty things and it never used to bother me if they "matched." Going on Zoloft last year actually helped a lot with my ADD symptoms and helped me focus. Our house here in Fort Knox is cohesive and uncluttered while remaining colorful and inviting, IMO.
  2. I have made a cleaning schedule for the first time ever that I'm actually sticking to and I think it's pretty perfect for us. If you're interested in knowing the mundane details of other people's lives, read on.
  3. Overview:
  4. ^These are the things that I make a priority in my day, every day. I do vacuum every day but it's a super quick job and it really does need to be done because we have a dog and three kids. Not to mention, soldier's boots track in a LOT of dirt.
    Honorable mention: cooking, so many dishes, and general tidying up. It felt ridiculous to put these on the list since they're unavoidable.
  5. Static
    On Sundays we take it pretty easy. Matt and I leave our phones in a drawer Saturday night and don't look at them again until Monday morning. We do a neighborhood tidy up where each kid grabs a bag and we walk a few streets and the playground picking up litter. Matt and I meal plan together and then on Mondays I make my shopping list based on those plans.
  6. ^ These are the things that keep our house looking and feeling nice, clean, and peaceful.
  7. Static
  8. ^the jobs mentioned here that aren't on my list are allocated to our children who also have daily chores. They are also responsible for taking out the recycling and bringing down their dirty clothes every other day.
  9. Static
  10. ^these are the jobs that can't be done weekly but should be done somewhat regularly in order to maintain lack of clutter and optimal cleanliness.
  11. Static
    *a note: I keep a steady pile of "to donate" items. As soon as something doesn't fit, or work with our house dynamics, it goes in the pile. Occasionally I think of another use for it and it gets reclaimed, but about 4 times a year we divvy these items up to either give to friends, donate, or sell.
  12. ^these are the jobs that don't get as often as they should. Using a change in season as a reminder will hopefully help us with that!
  13. Not counting dishes (which matt does the lions share of) I spends less than an hour/ day cleaning and tidying and it's spread out through the day. Our house is always ready for company, which is just what I like.
  14. Disclaimer: this would not have worked when all three children were home all the time. There was simply way too much stuff and too many people for me to be organized and have a schedule. I love this season of life.
  15. Static
    Master bedroom. That bamboo stand on the right is a charging station for our tablets and phones. I love not having them bedside.
  16. Static
    Master bedroom, part 2 . I've never been one to make my bed every day, but I gotta say- now that I do, I find it easier to keep everything else clean.
  17. Static
    My closet.
  18. Static
    Master bath.
  19. Static
    Storage for master bath.
  20. Static
    Dining room
  21. Static
  22. Static
    Living room (feat. @mbmurray23 and Finn)
  23. Static
    Living room part two.
  24. Static
    Backpack area is right next to the shoe closet and is the kids first and last stop before and after school.
  25. Static
    I keep a spray bottle and paper towels in every room of the house to make it easier for the kids to clean up. This is in our downstairs half bath.
  26. Static
    Inspired by @amieshmamie 's kitchen window, I have antique stained glass sun catchers and plants in my kitchen.
  27. Static
    Our kitchen is small so we turned this storage closet into a space for kitchen appliances and Tupperware, as well as recyclables.
  28. Static
    Keeping the refrigerator and bulletin board decluttered also really contributes to my mental clarity. Especially in my little kitchen.
  29. Static
  30. Static
    Most of our family games go in here.
  31. Static
    Laundry room/ Herc's room.
  32. Static
    The rest of our games and puzzles
  33. And that's it! Intentionally not pictured: children's rooms. Because let's keep it real, we just had a 4 day weekend and omg... the mess.