And it doesn't bother me.
  1. I never insist on shoes. I usually just throw some flip flops in the van in case we need them.
    I suppose this will change now that we've left Hawaii and have seasons. But for the summer? You do you.
  2. I let them do moderately dangerous things on their own.
    We hike, climb trees, explore nature. At first I had to fight my over protective nature to make this happen, now it's natural and we regularly make people nervous.
  3. I try to let them learn through natural consequences vs punishment.
    Not to say we never punish, we do. But the thing I probably get judged for is probably more along the lines of not sharing my water if they forget theirs or not letting them get ice cream while we're out if they've already spent all their allowance, etc. I'm trying to teach self reliability but I'm sure it comes off as harsh at times.
  4. No sleepovers or play dates in other people's homes unless I know them REALLY WELL.
    They have slept at ONE other family's home. Any kids can come to our house anytime. We can have sleepovers at our house. But I am not putting them in a vulnerable situation just because it's normal.
  5. Swear words.
    I tell them what swear words mean and then tell them that they can't use them until they are teenagers OR it's really funny. For example, one time my 7 yr old was imitating my high pitched voice and he said so sweetly, "clean your damn room." We died laughing, I congratulated him in successfully using a cuss word humorously, and then told him not to repeat it.
  6. Body Language.
    We always use the correct terms for body parts. We've read lots of books about body parts, sexual abuse, sex, and pornography. We've let it get more detailed as they get older. It's made for some embarrassing situations but I'd rather be embarrassed a few times when they're young then send them out with either body shame or dangerous naivety.
  7. And I'm sure there are many, many more. I thought this list was fitting since I just posted about the things that I struggle not to judge. We're all just doing the best we can.
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