Alternately titled: Lost in Makiki Valley
  1. Today's hike was beautiful. It was just me and Hercules and it poured on us. I like the rain.
  2. While I wouldn't say I was fully lost, I was somewhat lost in that I wasn't sure of which trail I was on and which one I was supposed to be on. I was pretty sure I knew how to get back to my car at all times.
  3. The hike started by driving up Tantalus Drive. An epic road that has a million places to stop for breathtaking views of the island.
    It's very winding. It feels like you're driving through the jungle.
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    A view of Diamond Head Crater from Tantalus Drive
  5. I started my hike at the Makiki Valley Trail sign.
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    I stayed on Makiki
  9. Static
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    Originally stayed on Makiki, later, I came back and went down Kanealole Trail for a bit.
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    These elephant ear leaves were about 6 feet tall each.
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    A lot of the trail is just slippery roots
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  18. Got caught in another downpour- found decent shelter under a mango tree.
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    The trail was looking like a stream at certain points so I decided to turn around. At this point I had been descending for quite a while into the valley and felt like getting to higher ground was a better idea.
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    Not ripe, but within reach of they had been.
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    What I fear while hiking in Hawaii
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    I climbed down this steep embankment to sit next to this little hidden waterfall for a while.
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    Next to the waterfall, these tree roots kept growing down a stone wall.
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    Mango trees everywhere
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    SO close. If I had not been alone on the trail I would have climbed the trees to get the freshest mango of my life. But since it was pouring and I hadn't seen another soul in 4 miles, I decided not to climb the tree on a cliff side. Stupid common sense.
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    After: A sleepy Hercules.