Koko Head Crater
  1. While I hike often, I've been intimidated by this .8 mile crater hike because it is composed entirely of "stairs."
    The stairs are actually an old railroad track
  2. It's pretty uneven, and some of the steps are spaced far apart.
  3. Not even half way up, I was feeling it, for sure.
  4. My dog, Hercules, is a total badass and really blew me away with how happily he hopped from one "step" to the next.
  5. This was maybe half way.
  6. The view from 3/4 of the way up
  7. At the top of the stairs, you're SO CLOSE to the top.
  8. Like, so close.
  9. Being there at sunrise was amazing
  10. Hercules, everything that the light touches is our kingdom.
  11. Ready to head back down
  12. This old man passed me TWICE on the trail. On Mondays and Wednesday's he goes up and down koko head FOUR TIMES IN A ROW.
  13. Bonus: herc crossing the bridge. He inspired a ton of people.