Kamananui Valley Trail
  1. Today's hike was in the rainforest, about 10 minutes from my subdivision.
    I love Hawaii
  2. It is a very easy hike. There are lava rocks every where making even a muddy trail easy to stay upright on.
  3. There are markers everywhere, which makes educating yourself a pleasant part of your hike.
  4. You have the option of crossing many, many old bridges or crossing some small streams
  5. Along the way, you are surrounded by dense rainforest and so many beautiful plants- mostly green, but with lots of extra color
  6. Humongous leaves everywhere!
  7. Early morning bees
  8. There are lots of smaller, unmarked trails off the main trail. It's a great place for exploring.
  9. I may have shared my trail this morning with a 4 toed Big Foot. I never found him, but the truth is out there.
  10. This was an awesome hike to do by myself early in the morning. I grew up near Baltimore and being alone in the woods meant you wanted to get murdered. Being alone in the woods in Hawaii, your biggest concern is spraining an ankle or meeting up with a wild boar.
  11. Aloha from Kamananui Valley Trail!