Nahuina Trail via the Makiki Valley Trail System
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    "I need to mark the trail like Hercules." This girl loves peeing outside.
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    Girlfriend was exceptionally photogenic today. Sorry for all the shots she's in.
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    Clearing the trail for the next hikers
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    We collected so many mangoes on this hike!
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    I "set a bad example" and went off trail to get even more mangoes. Matt is such a rule follower, this really messed him up 😂
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    I threw the mangoes up and the kids caught them.
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    A glimpse of the city through the trees.
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    This was when she requested a brief rest to color. Come to find out, she brought notebooks, short stories, markers, and accessories in her pack. Super prepared for the hike 😂
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    End of trail.
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    She thought this vodka bottle we found on the trail was so pretty. I think she was a little heartbroken when we threw it away.