Waimano Trails
  1. Waimano Trails has a few options. One is about 7 miles and ends on a mountain peak, the other is a loop trail with fun caves to explore. We meant to do the loop, but accidentally did a little of each :)
  2. You start off taking the upper trail, which is a narrow path that starts off along a fence. On the other side of the path is what appears to be an abandoned elementary school.
    Super creepy.
  3. There are pretty things on the mountain side to distract you from said (probably haunted) school.
  4. After a very short time you start descending the mountain and walking in the valley.
  5. Then you start to ascend again
  6. There is a pretty place to stop and rest and take a picture.
  7. The trail is beautiful
  8. Before long, you start to find hidden caves. Pull out your flashlights and explore!
  9. I was too chicken shit to go in these caves. You know who wasn't? My 2,5, and 6 year olds.
  10. After a few caves, you'll see this sign. It leads to the 7 mile ridge hike.
  11. To the left of it is this sign
    Go this way if you have kids with you. We didn't, and ended up turning a 2 mile hike into a 4 mile hike.
  12. You definitely feel like you're in an enchanted forest. About this time, you'll start to hear running water.
  13. Play in the stream a bit before you move on, but make sure you have a fresh coat of bug spray on!
  14. It felt like we were in the jungle book.
  15. We were super impressed with how clearly marked the trails were. Every few feet we noticed a pink nylon marker
  16. Make sure you bring plenty of water!
  17. And enjoy the day with your family!
  18. 💚