Pictures of Today's Hike in Hawaii, Volume XV

Pu'ahupapa (also called KoleKole)
  1. Today, I was supposed to take a very short 2 mile hike but ended up getting somewhat lost, trekking 8 miles through a lot of non- trail, seeing a dead boar, and lots of fresh boar scat, and then eventually finding the right trail which led to my FAVORITE VIEW OF THE ISLAND YET!
  2. So descriptive.
  3. Dead boar
  4. "Trail." (Not an actual trail.)
  5. Isn't this interesting?! Looked like it had been spray painted!
  6. More!
  7. Best fungus findings ever on this trail.
  8. More of the "trail" we followed forever.
  9. Termite eggs?
  10. Why did we think this was a trail? 😂
  11. So user friendly.
  12. 💜
  13. Finally found the real trail!
  14. It was steep.
  15. More bright orange.
  16. @bjnovak what are the chances of us getting the option to display panoramic pictures here? I'm asking for a friend.
  17. A great hike! Especially if you keep it to the 2 miles it's meant to be! 😂