Pictures of Today's *treacherous* Hike in Hawaii, Volume X

Ka'au Crater
  1. I honestly can't describe the hike today. I couldn't do it justice. It was the hardest hike that @mbmurray23 and I have done. It's only 5-6 miles but it's a LOT of climbing. My favorite part was when we literally climbed up a several hundred foot waterfall. Here are the pictures from today's hike:
  2. The hike is on property of the water board and closed to the public.
  3. Old pipes.
  4. First waterfall is about 2 ish miles in
  5. Yeah. That's the trail.
  6. Top of the first waterfall
  7. Found on the trail
  8. @mbmurray23 being sexy at the second waterfall
  9. 😘
  10. a small portion of the third waterfall. This is the one we climbed up!
  11. View from the top
  12. Marsh inside the crater.
  13. ❤️
  14. Magnificent tree
  15. Mama and babies
  16. What we ate after.
  17. I got pretty banged up. Worth it.