Monoa Falls and 'Aihualama Trail
  1. Today's hikes were beautiful. In the rainforest during some downpours, which only makes the rainforest even more gorgeous to me.
  2. The first hike was to Monoa Falls. If you have ever visited Oahu and only done one hike- it was probably Monoa Falls.
  3. It's beautiful and only .8 miles before you are led to a 150 foot waterfall! The trail is lush and filled with beauty.
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    Poison Dart Frog
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    Bamboo forest
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  25. Directly before the waterfall, you will notice a little sign letting you know that you have come to the 'Aihualama trailhead.
  26. This is a much more difficult and secluded hike. The Monoa Falls hike is crawling with tourists, we only saw 3 people in the hour and a half that we were on this trail.
  27. It was super wet today, which made the hike more difficult, but also more beautiful.
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    As always, Hercules led the way.
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    I saw the largest Banyan tree possibly ever today. It was ancient and I cried a little bit before I facetimed @amieshmamie so that she could see it, too. It was incredible.
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    I did not put a filter on this photo. The light was shining just beautifully through the bamboo forest and this light was breathtaking.
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    @mbmurray23 being amazing.
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    It was a workout! I got hangry halfway through but the almonds fixed that for me.
  38. There is one clearing. And the view is phenomenal!
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    Can you see the waterfall towards the center of the picture? That's Monoa Falls! That how far from it we hiked!
  40. The Aihualama Trail ends when you get to this sign for the Pauoa Flats loop trail. We were out of time, but we hope to do this trail very soon!
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    Thankfully, it was a Monday. Hercules thinks he's a hunting dog... I think he's a drowned rat.
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    But he's one hell of a hiking dog!
  43. 128 floors!
  44. These trails were an amazing way to spend an afternoon with Matt. 💜💚❤️💛💜