So many positive things to focus on
  1. Adventure!
    Who knows where you are going to go next? Even a dud of a station can be salvaged if you keep the spirit of adventure alive in your heart while you're there.
  2. Medical Insurance!
    I have paid $0 in co-pays, lab fees, hospital visits, etc for the last 6 years. I had a dang baby for free, y'all!
  3. Community!
    Even though I feel like a bit of an outlier in the military community because I'm so liberal and not overly patriotic, I am still surrounded by other people who understand this lifestyle and the joys and challenges it brings. Being a military spouse is such a unique position in the world.
  4. Patriotism!
    Okay, okay, I just said that I'm not overly patriotic, and I'm really not. But I am a very respectful person and I am glad to live in a community that respects the position of the president and respects our country.
  5. Benefits!
    I'm not even going to lie, there are a lot. Tax free shopping on base, free access to gyms, pools, military only beaches (here in HI), cost of living allowances, housing allowances, college education... The list goes on.
  6. Variety!
    Maybe this falls under adventure, but I love that @mbmurray23 has a career but it doesn't mean that we have to hunker down and stay in the same place until he's 65 and can retire. Sure, sometimes that seems appealing, and I wish we were closer to family and friends, but over all this way of life just works for me.
  7. There are many good and many bad things about the military life, but the good far outweighs the bad. I'm so proud of my husband for his service to our country and I'm happy to live this life with him. ❤️