1. I'm flying from Honolulu, HI to Baltimore, MD to be with my best friend on the occasion of her last chemo treatment!
  2. It's an overnight flight with a layover. Here are some of the personal flying rules that I follow when I'm flying alone.
  3. Identify parents with young children, particularly those flying solo with young children and look for opportunities to help them.
    Carry a bag, hold a crying baby, play with a young child while the parents use the restroom, offer a sympathetic story, be kind and smile at them when their kid is screaming because really, no one is more miserable than them.
  4. Don't sit with your legs spread.
    I think women don't naturally do this anyhow but men are awful about this. Legs closed or crossed, contained in your area.
  5. Say something pleasant or complimentary to the person you sit next to. Some people want to talk, some people don't (ahem, @mbmurray23 ). Be accommodating and sensitive to what your travel buddy wants.
  6. Have movies downloaded and books ready.
    Must, must, must.
  7. Pack snacks to share.
    Fruit leather bars, little chocolates, Lara bars. Whatever, just be ready to share.
  8. Pack altoids or gum.
    Because when you wake up from your flight nap your breath is going to stank. And you're sitting too close to strangers to not remedy that.
  9. When it's time to disembark- don't stand in the aisle crowding every body for 5 minutes before they even open the door. Just sit for a second and wait.
  10. Smile at strangers.
    You might make their day.
  11. Leave your shoes on!
    I am grossed out when I see people padding around barefoot. At the very least, wear thick socks. The VERY least.
  12. Don't be in a rush.
    Just enjoy it for what it is. No one likes flying (right?). Just make the most of it.
  13. One last rule...
  14. Don't eat the meat!
    Just.... don't. Whatever that meat is that they're serving, just say no.