1. Today we invited two of our favorite families over for an epic water balloon fight. We had 350 balloons, 6 water guns, and 2 water balloon sling shots.
  2. It was boys against girls originally but quickly turned into me against all the kids.
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  6. Look at my oldest son coming for me! I'm going to have a booty bruise. 😂
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  10. Celebrating that it is over!
  11. And as I ran all over that field I just felt SO STINKING GRATEFUL that I could run and play and have the energy and muscle and endurance that I needed to make that memory with my kids.
  12. This wouldn't have been possible for me 50 lbs ago.
  13. I think that's one of the reasons that I have been able to maintain this slow, lasting weight loss.
  14. My priorities are to be healthy not to be skinny.
  15. I am so grateful, y'all. So very grateful.
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    Bonus picture of Charlotte being awesome.