1. I challenge you to do three kind things every single day for your significant other for a month without telling them about it.
    It will change things.
  2. It had to be something that you don't already currently do regularly.
    No "going to work" for them.
  3. And you must keep it a secret!
    Hinting that they should notice is prohibited.
  4. Some suggestions:
  5. Take the trash to the curb
  6. Clean the bathroom
  7. Get them a card for no reason
  8. Write a love letter
  9. Have sex when you don't feel like it
  10. Send them an out of the blue text stating something that you love about them
  11. Plan a surprise date
  12. Make an effort to notice something they're doing well and compliment them
  13. Run an errand on their to do list
  14. Give them a massage
  15. Make a @li.st about them
  16. Make them an old school mix tape
  17. Do the laundry
  18. Mow the lawn
  19. Make their favorite dinner or dessert
  20. Pack their lunch (include love note)
  21. Make out
  22. You know your significant other best, so you know what will make them feel loved. It doesn't have to be crazy involved, just intentional.
    Intentionality is the key to a happy relationship.
  23. Enjoy! 💜