Things I Didn't Even Realize My Husband Does Until He's Away

I'm Meghan Murray. I'm a mess. I married Matt Murray. He's a grown ass man and hardworking af.
  1. 1. Remember what days trash and recycling come.
    Seriously, why do they come on a weird schedule? Just drive by once a day and see if I have any trash. Also, offer to take it from my kitchen and down to the curb. Thanks.
  2. 2. Diagnose and repair problems with household items.
    Did you know that if you have super long hair you have to cut it out of the twirly thing on the bottom of your vacuum periodically? Matt Murray knows this and he has a buzz cut. I was so close to just buying a new vacuum.
  3. 3. Make lists to make sure that I don't forget things.
    For me, making a list or setting an alarm usually goes like this: "Hey babe, can you remind me around 3 that I'm A TOTAL EFFING MESS AND I CANT DO ANYTHING WITHOUT YOU? K, thanks"
  4. Feed the dog
    Why have they not invented self feeding dogs yet? Oh wait, they did. In the wild. Where dogs belong. Good luck, Hercules, you're on your own.
  5. Have fun with the kids
    Wait, so when Matt is gone I have to feed them, cloth them, bathe them, take them places, educate them, AND play games with them? Pass.
  6. Clean cast iron skillets
    I can't.
  7. Put the laundry away
    Just being clean isn't enough. Picky kids.
  8. Be on time to things
    Until Matt is gone I sincerely don't realize that it's me that makes us late. I always think of it as a group effort. Nope, just me.
  9. Make me happy
    I seriously can't be responsible for this while he's away can I? Big job. He's the best.