Things I Look Forward To Every Day

In order
  1. My first sip of coffee
  2. Brushing my teeth
    Like, is there anything better than the day's first brush?
  3. Cuddling with Finn
    My adorable 2 yr old nose picker.
  4. Asking the big kids about their school day
    Because they're the coolest.
  5. Emails from Matt
    He works with classified info so no phones are allowed in his building. We kick it old school and email back and forth throughout the day. It always makes me happy. 💜
  6. Starting the kid's bed time ritual.
    Go upstairs together, bubble baths, hair washed, teeth brushed, hair brushed, lotioned up, in jammies, essential oils on, clothes for the next day laid out, everyone read to, tucked in.
  7. The first few minutes of quiet after the kids are in bed
    So quiet! I forget what quiet sounds like every day, and every night I revel in it.
  8. Being alone with Matt
    Play a game, cuddle and talk, watch a show, read together, whatever. I just need some time with this perfect man every day.
  9. Crossword puzzle!
    Every single day Matt and I compete to see who can complete the daily crossword puzzle in the New York Times app faster. We screen shot our time and text it to each other. He usually wins but every once in a while I bury him alive. I compulsively check my phone to see if the next day's puzzle is available yet. 😂
  10. Reading
    When I'm not reading, I'm usually thinking about what I will be reading next.