1. Habitual plastic water bottle drinkers.
    I can't with y'all.
  2. People who judge other people over their kids behavior in stores or restaurants.
    This is the WORST if my kids happen to be behaving and then someone side eyes me knowingly over another kids tantrum. Just, no, you're the worst.
  3. Women who always have their hair and make up done.
    Like, relax. I both judge you and kind of envy you. I don't even understand how this is possible.
  4. Donald Trump supporters.
    Worse than DT himself? Not gonna lie, possibly.
  5. Moms who give young children soda.
  6. Old white men.
    They mostly make me nervous. I have to watch them for a long time before I'll trust them.
  7. Families that are always on their electronics.
  8. People who leave their phone on the table when you're out with them.
    And then they check it constantly.
  9. Non-readers
    All though, honestly, I don't judge them as much as I feel sorry for them and don't know how to relate to them.
  10. People who are judgmental
    🙄🔫 I just judged myself and found myself lacking.