Requested from @BWN_7
  1. If my children are ever separated from me in a public place, we have a plan.
  2. Recently we had to use that plan for the first time when my 7 year was lost for 25 minutes at a spartan race.
  3. 1) Find a mom with kids or a person with a military or police uniform. (We live on an army base so this shouldn't be too hard.)
  4. Ask if they can call me. (My kids memorize my phone number at an early age but before they're old enough, I write it in sharpie on their upper arm, under their sleeve.)
  5. NEVER go ANYWHERE with ANYONE for ANY REASON. If a police officer tells you to get in his car, tell him no. If the person in a uniform tells you to follow them into a building for a phone, say no. Don't go ANYWHERE.
  6. Jack made me really proud with this one when he was lost last month. It was very hot and the mom that he found offered to buy him a water while they waited for me but the line for water was a little bit away from where they were waiting. He politely thanked her but said his mom would rather he waited right there.
  7. If you can't find a mom, police officer, or soldier, sit down in a safe place where a lot of people can see you and wait for one to come along.
  8. Don't panic. I will always find you.
  9. Know that most people are good, but sometimes bad people pretend to be good. A crowd is safe, one on one is a risk. Trust your gut.