A rare, serious list.
  1. Cancer
    It's sneaky. It just grows and grows until you find it. Will you find it in time? Cancer scares the hell out of me.
  2. Matt dying
    I can't imagine the world without him in it. I'm not being poetic, I honestly don't understand how I would live without him. We are two parts to the same person.
  3. My kids being hated for who they are
    Especially if it's because they're LGBTQ or something that they can't choose.
  4. Guns
    I have never touched one. Unless we move to Alaska or a place like that where they're necessary, I imagine I never will.
  5. Rape
    I am a survivor. You never, ever stop being aware that it could happen again. You never stop being aware that it could happen to your sister, your daughter, your friend. You are never fully without fear.
  6. Where America is headed
    America is a mess. We've been a mess. When people don't acknowledge this, it scares me. When they do acknowledge it, it's normally to blame the "other" side. We are the problem. You and me. We need to start loving each other.
  7. War
    I'm afraid Matt will have to go to war, and I'm afraid of war on our soil. Between Russia and North Korea, it feels like it's only a matter of time before some looney toon attempts it.
  8. Mass shootings
    Schools, nursing homes, movie theaters, clubs... It could happen to any of us at any time.
  9. I'm not normally such a downer, but with each tragedy that the world witnesses, I feel my fears weigh a little more heavily on my chest. My hope for our world shatters just a little bit more. If you feel the same way, I know where you're coming from. I'm praying for the heartbroken ones tonight.
    You're not alone.