I am a crier. I cry when I am happy, sad, overwhelmed, disappointed. Because I am one a really happy person, the crying ends up be a quirky thing about me that most people laugh about.
  1. My first bite of really amazing food.
    I am a foodie to my core. I could look at pictures of food all day long, and make delicious dishes far into the night. Food occupies the majority of my brain the majority of the time.
  2. When my kids pray.
    Their sweet, earnest prayers. I can't.
  3. When someone does something just for me.
    When my babysitter does the dishes, when people e-mail and text me sweetly to remind me of my responsibilities because they know I'm not a great at adulting, when my husband buys me a card for no reason.
  4. When I'm late and people give me grace
    I used to be super uptight about time. And then @amieshmamie extended me grace when I was late to something very important to her. It was a life changer. Now I'm late all the time and when people are sweet to me about it, I just weep.
  5. When people call me "honey" or "sweetheart" or anything along those lines.
    Just to be clear: not creeps. Mostly old people. Anyone who isn't hitting on me basically.
  6. When old people stop me during a particularly stressful outing with the kids and remind me to cherish them.
    Most parents hate this, I know. But I need it. I need the perspective. They are so little and I have such high expectations for them. As an old southern lady who looked and talked like Paula Dean once told me "darlin' it's fleetin'. The time is fleetin'. My baby is 42 years old." Oh my god, so much 😭😭😭
  7. When my husband talks about our joint past.
    @mbmurray23 loves me beyond reason, and I have been forever changed and formed by his love. When we met, he should have run because I was a train wreck. I tried to wreck him with me. His love changed my self sabotaging ways. When he talks about how he loved me when I hated myself, it undoes me.
  8. The commercial where the lesbian couple is learning sign language to adopt a deaf kid.
    I can't 😭😭😭😭
  9. When other Christians align themselves with social justice causes
    I am a bit of a minority in the evangelical circles politically. When other Christians align themselves with marriage equality, the black loves matter movement, and against bigotry in any form in political candidates, it makes me feel not so alone.
  10. When people love my kids
    The best gift you can give to any parent is to love their kids. It's a beautiful thing.
  11. When Matt holds me after a hard day.
  12. When my parents started recycling
    I have begging them forever! Know what changed their minds? When the county gave them a recycling bin on wheels 🙄🔫
  13. The movie the Blindside
    When that humongous boy says he's never had his own bed before?!? I have to pause the movie because I am choke crying. I can't. I'm crying right now just thinking about it! Oh my god...
  14. When people tell me they're pregnant
    God help me if its someone I love, then I really lose it. But I even cry if it's a stranger.