Things You Should Pack for a Day Hike

An introduction for new hikers and would be explorers. 💚
  1. A nice, lightweight bag. I really like this one from Homdox.
  2. Your bag should also have a strap that connects at your collar bone and your rib cage. Your shoulders will thank you for snapping those securely!
    Like this.
  3. Snacks high in protein and natural sugar. I like larabars and apple chips best, personally.
  4. A small pocket knife with a good blade. Even if you aren't planning on wearing your knife, it's nice to have the option. I sometimes clip Mine on my collarbone strap so that I can access it quicker if need be.
  5. A good caribiner and some paracord.
    The kind for climbing, not key chains.
  6. A small first aid kit.
  7. Emergency blankets.
    You never know when an unexpected storm will roll in or someone falls and you'll need these guys. Probably unnecessary, definitely worth just having.
  8. Sunscreen.
  9. Bugspray.
    Double duh.
  10. A small bag to collect any extra trash you find on the trail.
  11. Cell phone charger.
  12. Water bladder.
    If the bag you hike with is designed for hiking, it will have a designated sleeve for a bladder. 100 oz is a great size to have.
  13. If you have long hair, extra elastics.
    Just one or two will do.
  14. A sense of adventure.
    You're going to make some incredible memories.