1. (During warm up) I am going to just see how far I can run without stopping
  2. (Once you begin running) Oh my God.
  3. I can't
  4. I think I'm remembering an article that I read one time about how bad running is for you, especially your knees. Maybe I should stop.
  5. Do my knees hurt or am I imagining that
  6. How far have I run?
  7. .2 miles?!? Noooooooooo.
  8. I can't
  9. Maybe I should take a break.
  10. Did I drink enough today?
  11. I need reinforcements
  12. Better blast some Beyoncé
  13. Who runs the world? GIRLS.
  14. Man, I am really amped up right now.
  15. This isn't that bad.
  16. How far have I run?
  17. .5 miles?!?! Noooooo
  18. I can't
  19. Shut up brain. You can. Suck it up.
  20. I just need more Beyoncé.
  21. I think I'm getting the swing of this... Wait... Why does my hip feel like that?
  22. Stop brain. Just get over it and keep running.
  23. How far have I run?
  24. 1.2 miles?!?! Yessssss
  25. I am killing this run
  26. Seriously, I'm amazing.
  27. How am I even doing this??
  28. Are my neighbors watching? I bet they're all talking about how awesome I look while running.
  29. I could keep running for miles.
  31. How far have I run?
  32. 2.6 miles?! Yasssssssss
  33. I'm running so well I don't know if I'll ever stop.
  34. Is my knee hurting?
  35. Does my hip feel wobbly?
  36. How far have I run?
  37. 2.7 miles?! Noooo
  38. I feel like 3 miles is totally cool. Like, awesome cool. I'm good. I'm fine. I'll just stop at 3.
  39. How far have I run?! 2.8 miles. Nooooooo
  40. 2.9 is good. I'm good. I'll just stop
  41. Awwwwww shit, Beyoncé just came on again! I can't let my girl down!
  42. 3 miles - DONE.
  43. I wonder how many calories I burned?
  44. Do we have any cake?
  45. *afterwards* I totally could have done another 7 miles.
    Suggested by @olive
  46. oh my god I can't breathe.. do I have asthma???? can you develop asthma? I NEED AN INHALER
    Suggested by @nerd