Or, how I've kicked obesity's ass.
  1. One year ago today, I began a fitness program.
  2. I was desperate to lose weight and depressed about my size.
  3. I felt out of control and confused.
  4. I ate a ton of veggies and not a lot of processed foods. My choices were better than so many others and yet I was 65 lbs overweight.
  5. Walking up the stairs left me winded.
  6. Running up the stairs was nearly impossible and it made my stomach smack against my thighs.
  7. I couldn't see my feet when I was standing.
  8. I would stay up late at night researching fad diets, unhealthy ways of losing weight, plastic surgeons- everything.
  9. I was desperate.
  10. One year ago today I tried a last ditch effort.
  11. And it's working!
  12. I have lost 37 lbs, 35 inches of fat, and 8 dress sizes!
  13. I can't wait to see my two year anniversary pictures. Just looking at these, I'm a sobbing mess.
  14. Static
  15. If you feel frustrated and confused and sad and depressed- I understand. It's not easy. But there is a way. I believe in you!