1. If you only keep one essential oil in your home, I humbly suggest peppermint.
  2. It can help with sinus issues, headaches, sore muscles, relieve fevers, nausea, help you feel more awake, sharpen your focus.
  3. I'm not the type that has found or really believes in emotional uses for essential oils, (they never make me happier, motivated, etc) though if they work that way for you 🎉🎉🎉! I wish I were the same.
  4. But I do use them for medicinal purposes and get surprised time and time again by how effective they are when used properly.
  5. Case in point:
  6. My little firecracker, Charlotte Jane, has been under the weather all day.
  7. After naps she spiked a fever of 102.6
  8. I dipped my finger in coconut oil and then added 1 drop of peppermint essential oil to it.
  9. I rubbed my hands together and then rubbed that mixture up and down her spine. I also touched the tip of my finger gently on her hairline. I don't ever put peppermint lower than hairlines because it's a bitch if it gets in your eyes.
  10. Here is what happened over the next 20 minutes:
  11. 1 minute after application
  12. Exactly 10 minutes later
  13. 20 minutes after application
  14. Now 😍
  15. Just because some people get carried away with them, don't let that make you skeptical of natural solutions for your family's minor medical needs!
  16. ❤️