Inspired by @mbmurray23
  1. Do you ever focus on things your significant other does that bother you?
  2. Toilet seat left up, hair in the shower, dishes left on the table, etc. Whatever your own personal pet peeves are.
  3. Today, when I caught myself noticing ONE pet peeve, I walked about my house and looked at all of the very real and intentional ways that Matt shows that he hears me, cares about me, and knows me. These are the things that make a marriage last, y'all.
  4. He made the bed. Even though this is normally my domain, he took the time to make it before he left today. When I came up to do it and get dressed, it made me smile to see he had thought of me.
  5. He closed the shower curtain. I don't know why I prefer a closed curtain, but I do. Matt couldn't care less. This means he thought of me and took an extra second to show it.
  6. This note he wrote to himself above his desk. Matt is a full time soldier, an incredibly hands on father, and he's taking 10 credit hours this semester. I don't know how he does so much so well, but the fact that he's not letting our marriage drop to the background is amazing.
  7. He remembered my medicine and brought it to me. We all had strep last week and I'm super bad about remembering to take my antibiotics. Matt remembers and makes sure I'm taken care of.
  8. All of these things, plus the incredible effort that he puts forth every day. I am so humbled to be loved by such an incredible man.
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