Weird/Creepy/Odd Things Found at the Thrift Store Today

  1. He spoke but there were no batteries. I can only assume he said things like, "I'm your new Dad!" and, "Welcome to Home Depot!"
  2. It danced and sang "I'm just a love machine."
  3. My daughter desperately wanted this. I'm a good mom so I said no.
  4. Smelled very strongly of butt.
  5. Somewhere, the sister of a 50 year old virgin cried as she found his collection of what I can only assume are pornographic action figures. More to follow.
  6. "Not suitable for children under 3"
  7. The antagonist?
  8. Someone's grandma is going to see that these were donated to the thrift shop and be PISSED.
  9. Why don't I have a record player? 😭 Love you, Amy!
  10. ....thanks?
  11. Why?
  12. This weirdo. Thrifting for life!