Alternately titled: The Very Hungry Caterpillar
  1. I have very skinny kids, but they eat like they have a tape worm.
  2. The little boy in this picture with his ribs showing is my two year old, Finn.
  3. Don't let his looks deceive you, he could out eat you by a thousand calories.
  4. After a very large breakfast we went to Costco where he delighted all of the aunties (in Hawaii we say uncle and auntie to our elders to show respect) by happily showing everyone the seaweed he couldn't wait to eat and requesting we buy every fruit and veggie in sight.
  5. Costco days make him especially hungry because he has to help pick out all of the food.
  6. When we got home I gave him every single thing that he asked for.
    Carrots, cucumbers, hummus, grapes, raspberries, clementine, roasted seaweed, blueberries, applesauce, yogurt, baby bell cheese, and pistachios.
  7. He ate every single thing and then asked for more seaweed.
  8. Then he ate a bowl of raspberries.
  9. Then he ate Aussie bites which are a delicious granola/ cookie.
  10. Then he got shut down, but not by choice.
  11. He's currently in a food coma/ nap from which he will emerge ravenous and then consume more veggies ( we only allow veggies after naps because if not they'd only eat fruit all day long) and wait anxiously for dinner.
  12. Bonus material: This was Finn's dinner last night. After he finished licking the plate he requested more sweet potatoes. Kid ate two ENTIRE sweet potatoes before I shut this down.
  13. Maybe he does have a tape worm.
  14. Static