1. My best friend was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer this week.
  2. She is 29.
  3. She has three perfect children. Her oldest child has cerebral palsy, which creates a lot of strenuous work for Meg.
  4. Her middle child is just like my Charlotte, which is to say: sassy, opinionated, and incredibly strong willed.
  5. Her baby is 20 months old.
  6. We're all in shock. Meg is the strongest woman I know.
  7. To say the word cancer when I'm talking about her feels wrong.
  8. She eats so healthfully, she works out 5 days a week, she breastfed all three kids for a minimum of a year, she's so young, there's no family history.
  9. She shouldn't have cancer.
  10. But she does.
  11. I'm so grateful that she does monthly self exams.
  12. If you don't do them, please start.
  13. She found a lump on Sunday and was diagnosed on Tuesday. It's already stage II. Imagine if she had waited.
  14. Do an exam today. If you feel a lump, call a doctor TODAY.
  15. Take care of yourselves.