Where we've been in the last month

We moved our family from Honolulu, HI to Fort Knox, KY. Here's what happened in between.
  1. We said goodbye to Hercules for 29 days. He went ahead of us to Kentucky and made new friends at a 20+ acre farm/boarder.
  2. I played a lot of Tetris to deal with the stress of packing up.
  3. We said goodbye to our gorgeous Hawaiian home.
  4. Matt and I went on one last perfect hike date.
  5. We went to a hotel for 10 days while Matt outprocessed and finished up his assignment. All 5 of us were in one room so I got some amazing pictures of everyone sleeping.
  6. Matt was given two medals and numerous other gifts of appreciation for being literally the best person ever. I'm pretty sure that's what they were for, anyway.
  7. We spent a lot of time saying goodbye to the beach.
  8. And to our friends, who took turns coming to see us at the hotel.
  9. Our last night, there was a fireworks show on the beach and our very best friends came and ate dinner and swam and stayed together as long as possible. We spoke sweet words to each other and hugged a lot. We fought back tears and gave into tears. It was a special goodbye.
  10. The next morning, our friend Carol drove us all to the airport.
  11. After 15 hours of mostly ideal flying and layovers we were in Maryland!
  12. Everyone was so happy to spend time with my parents, brother, and nephew.
  13. We spent some incredible time with my best friend and her kids, whom I consider my nieces and nephew.
  14. I got to go to her 6 month check up! She's doing great y'all! 6 months of remission done! 4.5 more years and she's considered cured!
  15. We took our kids and Meg's kids to D.C. for the day
  16. And learned a lot of new things at a few Smithsonians.
  17. We bought a new van.
  18. And drove it to North Carolina
  19. Those are headphones. Aren't they the cutest?
  20. We stayed with Amie and Daniel and saw many friends while in town.
  21. All 10 cousins on Matt's side were together for the first time ever!
  22. We picked out Charlotte's flower girl dress for @kelseyanne137 's wedding
  23. We said goodbye to the Berryhills
  24. And drove to Tennessee.
  25. Stayed overnight in a swanky hotel.
  26. And then finished our drive to Fort Knox!
  27. Reunited with Hercules.
  28. Charlotte lost her first tooth.
  29. We're settled in our temporary house. Our permanent home will be ready late July.
  30. When this is all said and done, we will have slept 9 different places in less than 2 months, lived out of one suitcase each for 2 months, traveled about 6,000 miles, and started everything all over.
  31. Army life is hard and beautiful and I'm grateful for it.