1. Peacemakers
    Who will know how to see past flared tempers and passions and speak peace into all situations.
  2. Leaders
    Who will lead in humility and strength.
  3. Kind
    They won't trample on the weak to lead the strong, but will consider the needs and abilities of everyone.
  4. Brave
    They will face the world knowing that they can conquer it. They will do the right thing even when it's the hard thing.
  5. Aware
    Of their faults and their strengths. Aware that it's easy to form your opinions out of brokeness, and aware enough to avoid this.
  6. Adventurous
    There is nothing they can not do, so why not do it all and see it all? The world is their oyster.
  7. Sure
    Of themselves, and their abilities. Sure of their place in this world. Sure of the people around them because they are excellent judges of character.
  8. Just
    And they will fight for justice. They will openly speak out again oppression and work tirelessly against it.
  9. Truthful
    I hope that they know how to speak the truth in love.
  10. Themselves
    It is a powerful thing to know who you are and to walk through the world as yourself. I hope that they are granted this gift.