What June Looks Like In My Phone

  1. Excessive and obsessive cake test-baking in prep for my dessert responsibilities for a dear friend's 30th birthday
  2. Tried on so many clothes and took so many mirror selfies
  3. J+J go to Coney Island. One J was more prepared for this picture
  4. I bought this dress and was really fucking pleased about it 🍸
  5. More from Coney
  6. Our first taken by a stranger couple photo. Feeling Summery. We rode no rides.
  7. Cake continue
  8. Our *Brooklyn diner spot*
  9. Idle hands un idled. Holly for a Christmas in June gift
  10. Really really love/d wearing this dress ❤️
  11. Perfect summer NYC day at dusk, in the middle of this street
  12. Bowlin'!
  13. G'bye
  14. G'bye again (wearing my Nosferatu t shirt Aaron got me in Mexico. Mostly asleep) 😴
  15. Became obsessed w/ 'tiny cards' and reinvigorated my general Latin root learning quest for two weeks. Then chilled out, by which I mean; forgot about it
  16. Very pleasant dad's birthday dinner. Belated