When toddlers like something, they want it never to stop and will YELL if thwarted. But I choose yelling over having to read these even once more.
  1. Pete the Cat
    The first time, moderately charming. 5 times in a row, 5 days in a row - I almost hate all cats, and that is impossible.
  2. Sweetheart Bear (might not be the exact title but I hid the book so I can't look it up)
  3. Baby Faces
    The one that has photos and words is fine. But KR likes the one with no words and I end up having to make up a story, which is exhausting. No.
  4. Caps for Sale
    I remember liking this as a child. Now ... not so much.
  5. Pat the Bunny
    The words are insipid. Just because she's one year old doesn't mean she has to be patronized. She likes patting the bunny, though, so this stays in rotation as long as I don't have to read it aloud.
  6. There's another book I dropped behind the couch which I can't remember but am sure was for a good reason